Corporate Social Investment

Conservation and Environmental Support

We recognise our responsibility as a corporate citizen to uphold an effective Environmental Management Programme, where we have taken proactive measures to decrease our carbon footprint.

Planting more then 10 000 trees sequestering a conservative 3745 tons of carbon dioxide and contribute to 250 hectares of urban forest. Our business has long been committed to directly managing environmental impacts associated with its operations.

This includes effectively promoting the recycling of paper from old printed directories, as well as new printed books containing the maximum possible amount of recycled fibre. All our suppliers are required to provide internationally-recognised certifications of minimal environmental impact.

Employee Voluntary Programme

The Employee Voluntary Programme (EVP) is any developmental activity by Trudon employees outside working hours that carry the sanction and support of the business.

Employees are given an opportunity to donate their time and experience to a registered Non-governmental Organisation (NGO), school or registered charity they would like to support. The CSI committee will back up employee activity in the community to help ensure that the projects they support are successful.

EVP help staff feel part of the organisation, while at the same time allowing the company to meet its CSI obligations by giving back to the communities in which we operate and serve.


Recognising the crucial role that education will play in South Africa’s future, Trudon allocates a sizeable share of its CSI spend to helping both learners and teachers.

The key projects are:

  • Adopt-A-School
  • Bursary Scheme
  • Scholarships, through the Student Sponsorship Programme (SSP), to disadvantaged learners


Over a period of six years we identified schools that were struggling with their matric pass rates and assigned resources to help them improve, focusing on the key subjects of maths and science.

Learners in the final three years of school were assisted with extra lessons and revision, while their teachers received additional support with syllabus changes and addressing gaps in subject knowledge base.

10 schools in the Soshanguve, Johannesburg and 9 schools in the Mdantsane, Eastern Cape area were part of our Adopt-A-School programme.

Bursary Scheme

Every year, between the beginning of July and the end of August, we encourage prospective students at tertiary learning institutions can apply for generous Trudon bursaries. Towards the end of September, we interview candidates from previously disadvantaged backgrounds that have completed their 1st year of their undergraduate degree.

The Trudon bursary is aimed at candidates who are interested in completing their studies full-time at a South African tertiary institution (university) towards an undergraduate degree in:

  • Computer Engineering– BEng / BSc
  • Engineering Electronic – BEng / BSc
  • Computer Science
  • Informatics
  • Informatics Technology
  • Mathematical Science
  • Information Science
  • BIS Multimedia
  • Graphic Design

These degrees/ qualifications represent fields of relevance to the company. The main criteria for the selection of applications are financial need and academic potential (Majors and overall average minimum 60%).

Once bursary students complete their studies they can enter a 18-month graduate training programme at Trudon to experience some of the practicalities associated with their chosen field. While at Trudon, graduate trainees are assessed for aptitude and competence and might be offered permanent positions if they are available.