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Frequently asked questions

How do I search with IYP?

Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) will always help you find the best results satisfying your requirements. IYP does not expect you to know an Exact Business Category or a Location before starting a search. IYP does not even expect that your Search Terms are entered in any particular order. IYP will take your Search Terms and return every business that has a relevance to those Search Terms. The businesses returned may be in many different Business Categories and in many different Locations. Do not worry - IYP will let you know this and help you Refine the results.

Together with the businesses returned, all of the Business Categories and all of the Locations relevant to your Search Terms will be returned to you in the Search within Results area of the result page.

IYP will even tell you the actual number of businesses in each Business Category and Location. By clicking on any Business Category or Location, IYP will return to you a new set of results relevant to only that Business Category or Location, but still relevant to your original Search Terms.

This activity is known as Drilling Down. In cases where lower levels of Business Category and/or Location information is available, IYP will of course inform you of these, again in the Search within Results area of the result page, offering you the possibility to Drill Down even further.

You can also refine your result set by adding new Search Terms. Simply type in your additional Search Terms in the text box within the Search within Results area of the result page, and click on the Refine button. Should you Drill Down too far, or wish to remove some Search Terms , IYP will help you here also. You can Drill back upwards or remove Search Terms by using the Search History area of the results page.

How does IYP select listings for my result set?

IYP takes your Search Terms and searches every piece of information it knows about every business in South Africa, looking for matches against your input. IYP will search Business Names and Business Addresses for matches. More importantly, IYP will also search every piece of information supplied to it by every business. This even includes information printed in all of the Yellow Pages books.

When a business matches against all of your Search Terms, it qualifies to be included in a result set. Whenever IYP cannot find a business matching all of your Search terms, it will return to you all the listings that match at least one of your Search Terms. IYP will inform you of this in your Search History. In such cases it might be more helpful to start a new search with less Search Terms.

Using search terms

Use Search Terms that best describe your need. Don't forget that IYP will try to help you. Don't forget that you can Drill Down or add extra Search Terms later.

The following are examples of typical searches:

"Italian Restaurant" in the Service/Name box and "Sandton" in the Location box - You know exactly what you want and where.

"Keys Cut" in the Service/Name box and "Woodstock" in the Location box - IYP will also find businesses with the Search Words "Key Cutting".

"Lawyer" in the Service/Name box and "Johannesburg" in the Location box - IYP will know you are looking for Attorneys in Johannesburg.

"Scuba diving" in the Service/Name box - IYP will find all relevant locations, so you can then Drill Down to your selection.

"Camps Bay" in the Location box - IYP will show you all the Business Category in Camps Bay.

Refining results list

You may have started a search by inputting a very broad Search Term that results in a large number of qualifying listings. You can further refine these listings by making use of the Search within Results area of Listings Page. If your initial Search Term is a match to one or more Business Category or one or more Locations , IYP will inform you. You can decide to click on one of these matches, if you so wish. This will result in a new result set being generated for this Business Category or Location only. IYP will always show you all of the Business Categories and all of the Locations relevant to your Search Terms.

You can Drill Down on any one of these Business Category or Locations by clicking on it. This will result in IYP generating a new refined result set for you. IYP will continue to offer you further Drill Down options as long as they are available. You can even refine your results by adding new Search Terms. Simply input your additional Search Terms in the Search within Results box and hit the Refine button. Feel that you have refined too far and wish to backtrack? Not to worry. IYP will record every step that you take in your search in the Search History area of the result page. This will allow you to remove individual Search Terms or to Drill back up the Business Category or Location hierarchies. Click on the words in this box to remove them from you search and broaden you list.

What information is provided to me in the results page?

The Display Page shows all the information IYP knows about the business you have selected. This includes everything from the Results Page, as well as any extra information provided by the business. The Display Page will also have links from which any Yellow Pages adverts for the business can be viewed.

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