Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is a South African company that delivers the best local commercial search solutions as well as affordable, effective digital services to the local SME and corporate market.

Our Company

Trudon (Pty) Ltd is the brand owner and publisher of the Yellow Pages South Africa. As Trudon's flagship brand, the Yellow Pages is a globally trusted directory service that has been at the forefront of media communications for almost 70 years. Our aim is to offer all small businesses access to an online footprint which will enable growth and increased awareness within their business sectors. Our long-standing commitment to marketing entrepreneurs and SME’s holds true years down the line.

We are customer-focused and solutions-based, treating each and every customer as one in their unique business strategies.

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Our Evolution

Launching in South Africa in 1950, we have seen remarkable growth, resilience and adaptability to an ever-changing environment, all while maintaining being the largest supplier of directional information to the South African audience.

Based on a print directory business, we have grown our service offerings to include highly competitive and versatile commercial search solutions that are available via online, mobile and print media.

Our hard-working team of industry professionals have made it their priority to help your customers FIND your business, while attributing Trudon's ethos of It's our business to grow your business in all that they do.

Our Values

Trudon’s 60+ year legacy and affiliation with Telkom is testament to us being a business of sound values and ethics.

We pride ourselves on providing each and every customer with unique services tailored to grow their specific business and fulfil our promise of finding Local, Reliable Results within South Africa.


Everything we do is designed to empower and inspire consumers to make better, easier decisions by connecting them with useful information and reputable local service providers.

Why choose us ?

We have subsequently improved and expanded our value propositions to meet growing digital channels, and have launched products that speak to the ‘mobile-first’ medium and have taken our directories online – with great results. With over half a million unique searches per month and the most comprehensive business database, South Africans have come to rely on Yellow Pages to find local information online.

Our state-of-the-art, intuitive search platform allows users to create their own unique profile, allowing them to flag preferred suppliers, request quotes, secure bookings, review businesses and even make free calls direct from the Yellow Pages website.

For local businesses, Yellow Pages offers integrated advertising solutions that are designed to help build their presence and expand their reach through a variety of print and digital products.

Whether you’re looking for businesses in your area or you want to find more customers, it all starts and ends with your search at – for local, reliable results.