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Get your mobile business card today!
Engage more customers and boost your online presence with your mobile business card.
What are the benefits of a Webcard?
Mobile optimised representation, of your business, that gives potentialcustomers the information they need.
If you’re a small business trying to develop your online presence, then Yellow Pages Webcard IS exactly what you need.

Promote key business information like:
  • Key contact information
  • Description of your products and services
  • Opening Hours
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact form
Personalised domain that demonstrates trust and credibility. Your Webcard will be optimised for any device, including mobiles, tablets or PCs, and will be hosted on a personalised domain.
Quick and easy to share with potential customers. Your information can be updated and shared with your potential customers at any time and it’s FREE! Share your mobile business card across social media.

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And get a personalized domain such as www.yourbusiness.co.za

If you DON’T have a website
  • Quick starter presence.
  • Responsive / mobile ready.
  • Your key business info at the tips of your customer’s fingers.
  • Unique personalised domain or point to your own domain.
If you DO have a website
  • Useful mobile friendly business card with your key business information.
How do I edit my Webcard?

Editing a Webcard could not be easier.

  • Log in to your Webcard.
  • Follow the simple online instructions to add your latest content.
  • This content will be published instantly.