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Business Websites

Introducing MySites

A customizable business website within, giving you high quality online presence with traffic at an affordable price.

Why Go for MySites?

  • Visibility on the high growth Internet platform.
  • Target new customers who are increasingly using internet to search for products and services.
  • Ability to customize your own website to suit your needs and change the layout, as well as add content such as opening hours, pictures and videos of your products, maps and directions.
  • Enjoy higher ranking and traffic on the Yellow Pages website.
  • Benefit from exposure on Search Engines with high usage.
  • Generate additional traffic to your website from leading search engines through our Budget Based Campaigns (BBC) which is an optional paid add-on.
  • Trudon now sells Adwords on Google, which helps customers to gain more traffic via focused campaigns. Trudon retains a management fee and the remaining ad-spend is used on Google traffic.
  • Banners enable you to display specials and promotions.
  • Shop Views & videos offer you an opportunity to display your premises or products.

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