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The Department of Home Affairs has a mandate to the South African people as well as visitors and other residents to play a role as their protector and verifier of status. They offer an array of services through their home affairs branches throughout the provinces and subsequent towns and cities including but not limited to their branch in Ladysmith in the KwaZulu Natal province. They aim to ensure that they are efficient in the provision of services and ensure that they scrutinize and update their processes and systems for their efforts in this regard. The Department of Home Affairs also aims to ensure that their processes are sustainable and accessible in their efforts to ensure that the status of all citizens is protected. They also have the obligation to protect children and have an array of systems in place for this purpose. Home Affairs offers an array of services including those relating to South African citizens including but not limited to identity documents, matters relating to adoption, traveling with children and parental consent as well as identity documents and death certificates amongst an array of others. Interested parties may visit the Department of Affairs website for information relating to citizens, travel as well as immigration and other services. They are contactable directly for enquiries.