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Yarona Cash & Carry is a retail outlet that offers household goods. The store was Established in 2002, Yarona Cash & Carry, has grown to establish firm roots within the community and is now recognized as a reliable outlet providing quality goods. Their currently addressed at Corner Carriage and Coach streets, Crown Mines, Johannesburg P.O Box 42955 Fordsburg, 2033. Their premises are very big and the premises are also well lit. all this was brought about due to rapid growth requirements, the need to provide its customers with a wider product range to suit customer needs as well as cater for huge growth in exports. Their new location now incorporates a large walking refrigerator. The larger premises have made it convenient for customers to purchase all the goods they require all under one roof. The store is centrally situated in Crown Mines and this has made shopping more convenient and secure for the surrounding community. some of the goods they stock include rice, mealie-meal, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, concentrated drinks, potato crisps, vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, coffee, tea, toiletries, lotions, insecticides, perfumes, spices and soups, shoe products, hair products, freshly baked goods, sweets, chocolates and other assortments, bath and wash soaps, batteries, popcorn, tomato pastes, eggs, archer, smoked sausages, fabric softeners and washing to mention a few. They are open from Monday to Sunday between 7.30am and 8pm. They accept cash and electronic means of payment.