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ABSA is a national bank that offers its banking solutions to the public of South Africa. Each province has more than 100 branches of the bank. They offer private banking, business banking, personal, corporate and investment banking. Their banking solutions are tailored to suit different individuals and entities of different earning brackets. Their clients can enjoy safe banking. With their online banking option clients don¿t have to go to the bank for their accounts but can access them at anytime and anywhere. ABSA bank opens its doors. Their banking solutions come at affordable bank charges. Their savings and investment plans allow clients to invest with them and enjoy their money accumulate interest. They offer different savings accounts and investment plans that are charged differently and have different interest rates. Absa offers students accounts which cater to students provided that they present proof of being students. The student¿s accounts have much lower bank charges. ABSA Bank branches open their doors to new clients, existing clients and individuals who would like to enquire about their services. Inside the bank, clients can have their bank statements printed, upgrade their accounts and even get loans should they qualify. Most ABSA Banks are situated in malls and operate at different hours. Clients can withdraw their money from ATMs, without going into the bank.